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Since 1994 CAMEO Quilters Guild has been committed to a variety of quilting activities.  We promote the appreciation and knowledge of quilting techniques, textiles, history and quiltmakers to the general public. The guild members share time and talents in service to our communities.  

Through guild meetings we experience travel and fellowship, preserve and promote the tradition, culture, and history of quilt-making, and foster good friendship among persons interested in the art of quilting. Our website is to make the Guild information available to current members and guests.  
We are welcoming new members, please visit our Forms page for an application or visitors are welcome, we charge a fee of $5 for regular meetings and $10 if we have a special program speaker.
Our Next Meeting will be on May 14, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. 

Lecture: Delphine Quilt Shop, "Sisters by Choice"

Some women are sisters due to birth while others become sisters due to friendships that span the years.  Such is the case of Ann and Delphine, the performers of Sister’s Choice.  Their Trunk Show is a blend of folk style songs and quilts that span the years from the mid-1800s to today. 

Ann Marie Rowland is a multi-talented singer/songwriter and most of the songs are originals.  She blends her voice with the guitar in an easy listening style.  Delphine Ren-Miller has been collecting and making quilts for 30+ years.  Some of the quilts are award winners while others are well-loved everyday quilts with their own story to tell.  The quilts relate to the songs being performed according to the lyrics.  One song is a tribute to Ann’s mom and her song showcases quilts from the 30s and 40s.  Another song talks about the day “when the wagon was new” and features warm quilts of the horse and wagon days.  Star quilts are the main attraction during a song about “The Great Quilt Heist” which tells the story of a stolen star quilt.  A

Altogether expect to hear 10+ songs and see 50+ quilts during the one and one half hour performance.

Guest fee for this program is $5.


May 16 - Open Sew - Loreen Garrison

May 16 will be open sew for all members.  Please RSVP to Loreen if you plan to attend so adequate seating can be arranged.  More details at the May meeting.